TOP 5 – Portugal’s best beaches that local people love

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There is no doubt that Portuguese coast is full of beautiful beaches. Find where are the most special, sometimes hidden, and unquestionable charming beaches was our mission. Here is the result:


1. Marinha’s beach (Algarve)

Considered by many specialized websites and by thousands of tourists and nationals one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe, this is certainly the most popular spot on our list. Marinha’s beach is a frequent scenario of advertising campaigns and sightseeings. In addition is located in Algarve, what means that the water temperature is perfect. (Around 68 Fº)


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2. Galapinhos each (Arrábida)

Unlike the Marinha’s beach, Galapinhos is a “low-profile” beach. It is the spot for people loooking for lush nature and peaceful atmosphere. The Galapinhos beach shines for several reasons: It is located in the natural park of Arrábida, less than one hour driving from Lisbon airport, and is well away from the confusion of the central beaches with easy access.


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3. Carvalhal Beach (Alentejo)

The Carvalhal beach is the best beach for nature lovers. Located in a valley, is a very protected from the strong winds that sometimes characterize some Portuguese beaches. The offer of tourist accommodations at affordable prices is good and peace is guaranteed.


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4. Cordoama beach (Costa Vicentina)

The Cordoama beach is part of an integrated huge stretch of coastline in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina. Surrounded by a strong and regular sea clutter, Cordoama offers excellent conditions for surfing and bodyboarding.


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5. Amoreira beach (Costa Vicentina)

On Amoreira beach you find the mouth of the Aljezur Ribeira, part of an estuary-lagoon system in a natural and unusual beauty in other beaches. Its long sandy beach gives place to a too extensive dune field. The water temperature, often above 68 F°, is a paradise for surfers and swimmers who attend.


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